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The Internship

12 Week internship/apprenticeship at AKQA SF office as part of the Future Academy program. Worked included client projects, ignitions and a personal final project.


User Experience


AKQA Internal

Pushing Limits

The limits of my creative and strategic thinking were pushed during my 3 month internship at AKQA San Francisco. Although I was officially working in the Strategy & UX department I found that the various projects I worked on helped me develop on a number of different levels.

I was involved in work for existing clients, pitches for new business as well as internal projects. In addition, I had the opportunity to exercise my skills in almost every stage of various projects including — research, creative concepting, product definition, wire framing, rapid prototyping, UI and interactions. Most of my work has not been released yet and unfortunately I can't currently include it online.

I particularly enjoyed the fresh challenges involved in the intensive week long ‘ignition’ projects I participated in


Due to the size of the AKQA SF office as well as the structure of the ‘Future Academy’ intern/apprentice program I was challenged to be flexible and fluid. Every week or two I was assigned to a different project. Through this I developed the ability to adapt to a new briefs, roles, teams and even client accounts all while making immediate contributions to the projects.

Making T

One of the most important takeaways from my time at AKQA was a new understanding and appreciation for working as a T-shaped designer.

I was put to work in a variety of roles prompting me to stretch and flex my skills across the entire skillset required in designing digital products
the future academy - designers, strategists, technologists and creatives, fall 2015

Collaborating with a wide range of professionals served to elevate my development as product designer. I was fortunate to work closely with creative technologist, visual designers, art directors, copywriters, strategists, creative directors as well as senior management during my time at AKQA. This breadth of talent improved both my ability to collaborate and my understanding of a range of domains. Furthermore, I was able to develop my UX skills through project work and mentorship by senior UX designers.

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